Louisa Penny


Armed with my insatiable curiosity I create concepts that help your brand tell its unique story. And for that, I’ll use only the very finest words. With over 5 years experience, I understand how well crafted content successfully connects brands to their audience. Each piece I write is tailor made to deliver its purpose. Together we will develop your own individual style, concept and strategy.

Read some of my latest writing on Medium & Contently.

Ally MArsh

Operations Manager/Copywriter

Alouette is a Virtual Assistant and Copywriter with an approachable manner and conscientious work ethic.

Deft at communications and scheduling, Alouette has invaluable capabilities in client relations, building strong relationships with ease. She has a passion for working collaboratively to improve and grow organisations, working on a range of projects. Alouette has an artistic appetite, a passion for words' power to evoke a full array of sensations and has successfully worked with numerous organisations to launch and propel their copy. Alongside her excellent copywriting skills, she has a decade of administration experience, allowing her to successfully merge organisation and creativity for smaller boutique and larger corporate organisations.

Understanding the pressures associated with entrepreneurship, Alouette is solutions-focused, with a toolbelt of strategies to effectively enhance your business processes.

Louisa is able to adapt her writing style to fit the tone of each brand or client she works with. Louisa uses her time effectively providing great value for her clients. She is approachable, friendly, contributing in both a constructive and positive way to projects and debates.

Mark Walls
Faversham & Moss / Liveforce Founder

If you're looking for an intuitive writer with initiative, wit and adaptability look no further. Louisa is able to extract the essence of any interview and write about challenging corporate subject matter. Due to Louisa's reliability and creativity she is our go to choice for an array of projects and clients.

Sara Scobie
Curate Labs & Magazine Founder

Louisa creates content for our website and blog, whilst simultaneously manages our social media content.  She has successfully created a unique tone of voice for us. Louisa has a flair for adding a playful yet professional tone of voice even to dry subjects, resulting in a high percentage of opens and engagement rate.

Greg Lusk
Liveforce Founder

Louisa is an amazing woman. Her creative language skills and patience helped me to create a website for my new business that I never imagined possible. I plan to work with Louisa on another project and I have complete faith that it will be as successful as the first.

Dionne Jardine
Owner & Founder of Nido Montessori

Louisa is a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend her, she always has far more ideas than me and is very flexible with content and style and approach. Our follows, likes and shares have greatly increased from using her writing service.

Erin Achilleas-Walls
Founder and Director WardWilliams Creative

Louisa's copywriting skills are a great support to our events company, she helps bring to life our ideas and transform our briefs to stylish content for our newsletters.

Natalia Hollingsworth
Golborne Events


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